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(For IATA Agents, Non-IATA Agents, GSA Agents,
Tour Operators, Travel Portals and .com Companies)


  1. Customer Master
  2. Supplier Master includes all Airlines, IATA Agents, Hotels, Railway Agents, Car Rental Agencies, Passport & Visa agents
    Employee Master
  3. Airline Sector Master & Rail Sector Master*
  4. Fare Master including Dollar Fare
  5. Schedule Master & Train Master*
  6. Ticket Stock Master
  7. Account Code / General Ledger Master
  8. Financial Code Master
  9. Incentive Master
  10. User Rights Master
  11. Document Number Master
  12. Analysis Master / Cost Center Master
  13. Cargo Airway Bill Master
  14. Tour Master (Conducted, Package & Group Tours)*
  1. Invoicing :
    Ticketing (including Sale Type : Stock, X.O., C.R., BSP; LCC, e-Tickets; Facility for Discounts Invoicewise or Ticketwise, Documentation charges, Service Tax, TDS)
    Car Hire
    Handling Charges
    Tour (Conducted, Package and Tailormade Tours)*
  2. Credit Notes :
    Cancellation (including Void, Refund & Parked; facility to recall Discount, Service Tax & TDS), Hotel, Car Hire, Railway,
    Passport, Visa, Handling Charges, Miscellaneous & Cargo
  3. Refunds & Hotel Voucher*
  4. Receipts (Cash & Bank)
  5. Payments (Cash, Bank & Petty Cash)
  6. Deposits / Withdrawals / Transfers
  7. Dishonour of Cheques / Representation of Cheques
  8. Bank Clearing Date option for Bank Reconciliation
  9. Journal Voucher
  10. Salary Slips with leave details
  11. Income Tax & RBI details
  12. Internal Voiding
  13. Option for selecting Free Tickets & A.D. Tickets
  14. Adjust Advances Customers and Adjust Advances Suppliers. All data entry modules have option for Adding, Editing, Deleting,
    Ordering and numerous ways of inquiring the required data.
  1. Master Listing of Customers, Suppliers and Employees
  2. Voucher Printing of Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipts, Payments and Journal Vouchers, online and/or at a later date. Printing of Blank Vouchers.
  3. Airlines Reports :
    BSP Reports including Agency Sales Transmittal Form and Agent Billing Analysis (Domestic & International)
    Imports Data from BSPLINK PDF File & Compares & Reports any discrepancies
    Auto Reconciliation of Low Cost Carriers (LCC)
    X.O. Statements & C.R. Statements
    International Airlines PSR Statements
    Indian Airlines AGT Statements (Normal & Super Saver Stock)
    Domestic Airlines AGTs in their prescribed formats
    Net Payment Report
  4. Report of Ticket Stock on Hand
  5. Ticket to Invoice Report and Missing Ticket Report
  6. Refund Register and Tickets in Refund
  7. Service Tax Check Reports and Service Tax Detailed Reports
  8. Income Tax Reports
  9. Sales Register, Sales Return Register and Net Sales Register
  10. Purchase Register and Purchase Return Register which includes all the three types of Commissions : IATA, Cut N Pay & PLB Commissions. Ticketwise Profitability Report
  11. Sectorwise Reports & International Incentives Report with PLB
  12. Sub Agents Reports and IATA Agents Report
  13. Salary Slips and Salary Statements
  14. Cash and Bank Books, Fund Flow Statements, Cheques on Hand & Cheque Deposit Slips
  15. Bank Reconciliation Statement, Bank Statement, Bank Overdraft Interest Report
  16. Outstanding Reports ( Different formulas are available ) with summary and ageing analysis (with Microsoft Excel Formats)
  17. Business Statements consisting of List of Unpaid Invoices & List of Transactions of Customers & Suppliers
  18. General Ledger
  19. Sub Ledger including Customers, Suppliers and Employees
  20. Trial Balance Detailed and Summarised AS ON ANY DATE
  21. Sub ledger Balance Detailed and Summarised
  22. Trading A/c, Profit & Loss A/c, and Balance Sheet As On Any Date or For Any Period (Vertical & Horizontal option)
  23. Railway Sales Report*. Sales Register Tour & Tour Occupancy Report * Hotel Reports based on Check-In/Check-Out Dates*
  24. Analysis Reports and MIS Reports including monthly Accounts Balances and Sub Ledger Balances upto 12 Months
  25. TDS Reports in the format prescribed by IC, 9W & Form No. 16 A. TDS Billwise Report & Report of TDS Certificates from IATA Agents.
  26. Creation of Reports in Microsoft Excel which can also be emailed. * Additional Modules at extra cost
  1. Fares including Point To Point Fares, Advanced Purchase Fares, Super Saver Fares, etc.
  2. Schedule
  3. Status Enquiry based on Customer Code or Name, Invoice Number, Credit Note Number, Ticket Number, Refer. No. or on Passengers Name.
  4. Query on Modifications and Deletions made along with the User Name, Date and Time when the Modification/Deletion was done.



Input  Invoice

Enter PNR No. and the entire Ticketing Data gets updated from the CRS System
Next Ticket Number Automatically Flashes and does not permit any Duplication
All Accounts Get Updated - Debtors Control A/c (Customers) with Net Amount, Supplier Control A/c (Airlines or IATA Agent) with Ticket Amount minus Commissions, Commission A/c, Cut-N-Pay Commission A/c, Handling Charges A/c, Documentation Charges A/c, Service Tax A/c, TDS A/c, Purchase and Sales A/c
Purchase Automatically gets updated along with Sales, hence  Purchase and Sales always Tally

Input  Credit  Notes         

Automatic  Recall  of  Discount,  Service  Tax,  TDS  etc.  and  Reversal  Accounting  Entries  done

Input  Invoices,  Credit  Notes,
Receipts, Payments  & Contras          

Full  Accounting  upto  Balance  Sheet  and  all Statutory  Reports  Updated

Update  all  Branches  Accounts
(By  Email / Backup  CD’s)      

Consolidated  Financial  Accounts  of  all  Branches
i.e.  Trial  Balance,  Trading, Profit  &  Loss  A/c.  and  Balance  Sheet

Why go for this Package ?
Detail Accounts and Computer knowledge not required. Even a layman can operate the package with Ease and Correctness
On-Line Help Facility based on code and/or name & Calculator
Multi-User Password Facility enables you to give selected access level to each User thereby ensuring Security & Accountability
Mouse Compatibility & User Defined Colour Schemes
Trial Balance as ON ANY DATE
Trading, Profit & Loss A/c & Balance Sheet As On Any Date or For Any Period.
Regular updates on changes in the industry and changes in Domestic Fares
Track of all the Modifications and Deletions made
Online Connectivity with Branches
Connectivity with CRS Systems
Reports can be viewed on Screen, Printed or E-mailed directly from the package.


Non-IATA Agents

IATA Agents

GSA Agents





Multiuser  Version  at  an  additional  cost  of  Rs. 5,000/-.
Special   Discounts   for   Multiple   Locations.