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Accounting  for  Software Package  for   Foreign ExchangeDealers


  1. Currency Master (contains all existing currencies)
  2. Corporate Clients
  3. Agents (with Commission parted on Currency & TC Sales And Agent TDS Exemption)
  4. FFMC's, AD's , RMC's & Franchisees
  5. TC Issuer's Master
  6. Branch Master
  7. Account Code Master & Financial Code Master
  8. Employee Master
  9. User Rights Master
  10. Daily Rates :
    Daily Buying & Selling Rates of Thomas Cook, Amex & Own
    Transfer of Daily Rates Between Branches
    Rates for Income Tax, Closing Stock Valuation & for Export
    Master for Auto Update Rates from CN Buy
  11. Document Number Master
  12. Analysis Code Master
  13. Sentinel List
  14. Nationality Master
  15. Exporter Bank Master
  16. Importer / Consignee Master
  1. Selling To Individuals, Corporates, FFMCs, ADs and Export. Currency, TC, ET, Demand Draft and Travel Cards
  2. Buying From Individuals, Corporates, FFMCs, Ads, RMCs & Franchisees Currency, TC, ET, Demand Draft and Travel Cards
  3. Transfer of Currency from one Branch To another. Transfer of Blank TC Stock & Transfer of TC Stock for Settlement between Branches
  4. Fake Exchange
  5. Receipt of TC Stock
  6. TC Settlement
  7. Void Trust TCs
  8. Receipts & Payments
  9. Deposits \ Withdrawals \ Contras
  10. Journal Vouchers
  11. Salary Slips with leave details
  12. Bank Clearing Date option for Bank Reconciliation
  13. Option to directly Modify Receipt / Payment Details, Passport Information and Commission to Agents.

All data entry modules have separate option for Adding, Modifying, Deleting, Ordering and numerous ways of inquiring the required date..

  1. Daily  Currency  Rate  Sheet  of  Thomas  Cook,  Amex  or  Own  Rates
  2. Master  Listing  of  Corporate  Clients,  Agents,  Employees,  FFMCs, Ads,  RMCs, Franchisees, TC  Issuers,  Branches,  Employees,  Account, etc
  3. Printing  of  BTQ  Forms,  Business  Letters,  Form  No.  10H  and  Printing  of  TC  PAFs  in  the format  of AMEX, TCOOK  and  VISA
  4. Transaction  Listing  of  Purchase  &  Sales  Register
  5. Currencywise  Purchase  &  Sales  Register  with  average  purchase/sales rate for comparison, party-wise, datewise, monthwise, entitywise, etc.
  6. RBI reports  from  FLM-1 To FLM-8 including  Unified  FLM-8  and  RLM –3  Certificate
  7. Corporate  Clientwise  Business  Report
  8. Agentwise  Business / Commission Report  with  TDS  Computation
  9. Outstanding  Transactions : Datewise, Corporate Clientwise or Agentwise
  10. Currency  Reports  with  Valuation  of  Stock  based  on  FIFO or  based  on daily rates or on rates defined  by  you  for  Closing  Stock Valuation
  11. TC Inward Register, TC  Stock  on  hand  Reports,  TC sold but not Settled-(Detailed or Summarised Report with Average Rates)  TC  Settlement  Register  with Settlementwise  profitability
  12. Creation  of  electronic file  of  TC Settlement for Amex  and  Travelex
  13. Daily  Sheet  consisting  of  Balance  of  all Currencies  including  INR,  Cash  and  Bank  Balances,  Blank  TC  Stock  on  Hand,  TC's  Sold  but  not  Settled,  ET's  Bought  but  not  Surrendered
  14. Cheques  on  hand,  Cheque  Deposit  Sheet,  Bank  Reconciliation Statement, Fund  Flow  Statement  and  Bank  Statement
  15. Salary  Slips  and  Salary  Statements
  16. Cash  and  Bank  Book
  17. General  Ledger
  18. Sub  Ledger of Corporate Clients,Agents, FFMCs, RMCs,Branches & Employees 
  19. Currency  Ledger
  20. Trial  Balance  -  Detailed  and  Summarised
  21. Sub  Ledger  Balance  -  Detailed  and   Summarised
  22. Trading  A/c,  Profit  &  Loss  A/c  and  Balance  Sheet
  23. MIS  Reports  including  Monthly  Accounts  Balance  &  Sub  Ledger Balances  upto  12  months and Movement  of  all Balances upto 12  months
  24. Valuation  of  Currency  Stock  based on  FIFO  or  Market  rate
  25. Printing  of  Income  Tax Reports or  submission on  floppy /  CD
  26. TDS  Reports  &  Form  No. 16A
  1. Any day enquiry on rates of Currencies & TC's for TCook,Amex & own  rates
  2. Any  enquiry  based  on  TC  number will  give  full  details  of  that  TC  i.e. Date  of  Receipt of TC Stock,  Date  of  Sale  with  rate,  Date  of  Settlement  with rate  and  Profit  and  Loss  made  on  the  settlement  of  TC.
  3. Similarly  enquiry  can  be  based  on  ET  numbers     
  4. Transaction  View  Option
  5. On  Line  Currency  /  TC / Branch  /  Cash and  bank  balances
Why go for this Package ?
  1. The  package  is  so User Friendly that  even  a  person  not  having  any  knowledge  of  Computers  and/or  Accounts  can  operate  the  package  with  Ease  and  Comfort.
  2. The  package  will  help  you  in  compiling  with  the  RBI  requirements  in preparing  all  your  FLM-1  to  FLM-8  Statements  and  for  submitting the UNIFIED  FLM-8  Statement  in  time  and  with  utmost  Accuracy.
  3. The  package  is  fully  integrated  with  Financial  Accounting System. You enter your  Three Basic Documents i.e.  Buying,  Selling  and  Settlement,  and  the  system  updates  all  your  accounts.  For e.g.:- when  you  enter  a  Cash Memo all Accounts Get Updated - Debtors Control A/c (Individuals/Corporate Client)  with  Net Amount, Currency Sales  A/C,  TC Sold But Not Settled  A/c. and TC Commission charged A/c.  and  Commission  payable  to  Agent, wherever  applicable.  The  Cash/Bank details also  get  updated  along with  the  option  of  Rounding  Off  and  Branch Accounting.
  4. The  package  provides entire  control  of  TC  /  ET  Stock  since  the  system  flashes the  next  available  TC  at  the  time  of  making  the  sale  and  does not  allow  any  duplication  whatsoever.  Similarly  at  the  time  of  TC Settlement  the  system  flashes  all  the  TC's  sold  but  not Settled.  The  system  automatically  computes  the  P & L  for  each Settlement.  Similar  control  is  available  on  ET  Stock.
  5. Based  on  Passenger  Name /  Passport  Number,  the  system  would automatically  display  the  previous  details  of  the  passenger.
  6. The package also  provides  for  the Export module  for  Currency  and  TC.  In  Exports  module,  the  system  would  capture  the  currency sales  along with  currency  Denominationwise.  The  system would  print   the  Currency  Denominationwise  Export  Packing  List  and  Export  Invoice.
  7. You  can update  all  Branches Accounts at  one  location  by  email /  Floppy  or  CDs.  and  can  have Consolidated  Financial  Accounts  of  all  Branches  i.e.  Consolidated  Trial  Balance  and  Unified  FLM-8.
  8. The  package  keeps  a  list  of  all  Modifications  and  Deletions done with the name of the user who did the same, along with the date, time and reason for the modification or deletion.
  9. TDS is calculated  for  each  agent  as  per  their waiver  percentages
  10. Electronic Settlement File for transfer of Settlement data to Amex & Travelex
  11. On-Line  Help  Facility  based  on  code  and/or  name
  12. Multi-User  Password  Facility  enables  you  to  give  selected  access level  to  each  User  thereby  ensuring  Security  &  Accountability
  13. Mouse  Compatibility  &  User  Defined  Colour  Schemes



Multiuser Version at an additional cost of Rs.5,000/-
Special  Discounts  for  Multiple  Locations